How lighting leads to a better bottom line

At Nordic Business Light we create LED solutions that make a significant impact on the bottom line. We create the bottom-line effect via major energy savings, less maintenance, increased sales and a better working environment. Our solutions also help reduce the impact on the climate. You can use this directly in communication with your stakeholders and in your consolidated financial statements.

We calculate the bottom-line effect for your firm using our calculation model, Lysregnskabet©, a systematic review of the firm’s objectives, assessing the conditions in the firm that will be affected by a new lighting solution. On this basis, we calculate the concrete bottom-line effect in pure cash terms.

You use less energy
Switching from traditional light sources to LED can result in savings of up to 60% in power consumption. When defining the savings, our assessment includes the total annual power consumption, the lighting requirements, the existing type of lighting and an estimated cost per kWh.

You spend less time and less money on operation and maintenance
LED light sources are extremely long-lasting and very robust. On average, an LED tube lasts 3-4 times longer than a T8 fluorescent tube. That means you achieve major cash savings in terms of maintenance and significantly increased operational reliability. We investigate how much you spend on purchasing new light sources, spots and luminaires and on the time involved in replacement. We also assess how inferior lighting is leading to lost sales and loss of image.

You can increase sales
LED can directly increase your sales, since it helps make your products and environment look more natural and inviting. Color rendering and light intensity play a huge role in terms of customer experience and purchase motivation.
We identify your current lighting experience as a sales parameter and assess what the establishment of new LED lighting would have on your revenue and gross profit margin.

You get a better working environment and indoor climate
Lighting makes a huge impact on the well-being and energy of employees. Good, pleasant working light is reflected in efficiency, job satisfaction and motivation.
We take a close look at your current sickness absence rate and the cost of a sick day. We discuss the possibilities of increasing motivation and efficiency, and expectations in terms of other positive effects resulting from better lighting.

You get a better carbon footprint
LED uses less energy. The direct result is a reduced CO2 load in your company.
We conduct and document this calculation for you and estimate the impact that CO2 reduction and an enhanced green profile will have on your firm’s bottom line.

More than 700 Coop stores and a number of offices and warehouses were fitted with new LED lighting. 200,000 light sources were replaced over a period of 17 months, saving Coop DKK 25 million a year in power costs.

30,000 Coop employees have been given new lighting. It is guaranteed flicker free. The result is a healthier working environment.