Lighting Refurbishment from A to Z:

Cooperation with Nordic Business Light is based on a tried-and-tested process involving 6 steps, which ensures that you constantly have an overview of the project. Before we sign an agreement with you, we conduct a thorough screening of your current lighting installations and customize a total solution to cover your specific needs. This also provides you with an overview of savings and the overall bottom-line effect.


First contact
We establish a good working relationship and have an initial discussion about the bottom-line potential of lighting. It is also at this stage that we agree about the subsequent process and review your firm’s lighting needs and necessary strategy. We introduce you to Lysregnskabet© to prove to you how lighting can significantly increase your bottom line.


Analysis and estimate
Nordic Business Light conducts screening of your stores, offices, warehouses etc., analyzing and measuring the lighting. Together with you and our specialists we then prepare an estimate for your Lysregnskabet©.


This is when we convene your firm’s chief executives for a short 60-minute workshop. We introduce them to Nordic Business Light’s lighting philosophy, Lysregnskabet© and your company’s specific business case.


On the basis of the briefing meeting, we draw up a cooperation agreement to ensure smooth operation and an ongoing review, both in general and in detail. We ensure that you will achieve an immediate bottom-line effect and help you find the appropriate financing solution, if that is what you want. We make sure we understand your accounting principles and ensure that the solution is practical and manageable for your firm.


Project design
Our project design department designs the provisions, and you approve the detailed schedule. We plan an implementation process that will cause the least disruption to your operations. We take charge of the entire installation of the lighting, the removal of the old lighting, clean-up etc. and, according to your wishes, report to the chief executives.


We provide personnel, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently and making sure that your staff and customers experience the least possible inconvenience. We deliver what has been agreed upon and guarantee ownership of the solution among your local users. We also train them in special regulatory and flexibility options in terms of day-to-day operations. Once the work gets underway, we set up a dashboard, where you can always see the state of play and gain a detailed overview of what is going on when and where. We provide a comprehensive central report with an overview of the CO2 saved etc. and a final Lysregnskab©, which you can use directly in your communication with your stakeholders and in consolidated financial statements. Thereby we can actively deliver on your firm’s environmental strategy.

Nordic Business Light succeeded in complying with the schedule for replacing lighting in 700 stores in 17 months. That is quite remarkable in itself. In close cooperation with Coop’s project manager and subcontractor, Nordic Business Light was able to execute a huge logistics and implementation project.
Peter Svendsen
Head of Energy, Coop

The successful installation of 200,000 light sources in 17 months was facilitated by shrewd project management, a hard-working team of electricians and comprehensive understanding of Coop’s needs and organization.