Large-scale Projects

Nordic Business Light streamlines the use of energy in the lighting installations of large manufacturing and warehouse buildings and of firms with many departments, offices and stores.

Our focus as a business partner is to execute a turn-key, fast and complete upgrade to the best and most energy and environmentally efficient lighting solution.

We apply our technical overview, practical experience from other projects and in-depth understanding of the challenges and objectives of the country’s largest retail chains and business enterprises to create a flexible solution that will ensure that projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and without disrupting normal working procedures.

We specialize in the following types of building:

Multisite 50+ locations
Firms with 50+ locations require project management and close contact with all stakeholders in the numerous locations. Nordic Business Light takes care of this process and provides a data-based overview of all facets for all stakeholders.

Warehouses larger than 50,000 m2
Warehouse facilities of more than 50,000 m2 require particular flexibility and adaptability when it comes to converting to LED and quick execution. Nordic Business Light can convert all kinds of warehouses and are experts in swift conversion with no disruption of normal working procedures.

Logistics over 50,000 m2
Logistics firms over 50,000 m2 require special light sources that are often difficult to access. Nordic Business Light has extensive experience of these special lighting requirements and can convert with no disruption of normal working procedures.