Nordic Business Light provides reliable, well-evidenced quality that is among the best in market, and our promises are reflected in the best guarantees on the market and favorable financing.

We source our products directly from reputable manufacturers, guarantee quality via strong QA/QC process and inspection, and personally contribute to product development.


High-quality products
We refer to our approach as ‘Quality inside’. This means that we use the best components on the market for the critical elements of the lighting. This enables us to sell the highest-quality lighting, but at a much lower price than the market-leading brands. We also provide well-known brands, whenever appropriate.


Lighting to meet the needs of customers
We put together lighting components to suit our customers’ needs. Because we work on large orders, we can optimize the products and opt for features that are important to the customer, but at the very best price.


All products are subject to quality checks
Most of our solutions are manufactured in Asia, where our experienced engineers review all factories and audit their quality set-up, employee satisfaction and compliance with all ethical guidelines etc.
We carefully review all orders and take samples, and always draw up pre-shipment reports to ensure uniform quality in all products. In cooperation with recognized research institutes, we ensure that products meet the stipulated requirements.
All products must conform to a number of minimum parameters: for example, being flicker-free. In addition, we ensure that all suppliers’ purchases of branded components are original.
We keep a close eye on the market and current trends, and we can provide advice on the likes of general energy optimization.


We provide a 5-year warranty on all products, except for bulbs.
Our warranty also includes:

– Product liability guarantee – also on the luminaires we retrofit
– Contract insurance – which covers you and ourselves until delivery
– Complete financing – as a fixed quotation
– Documented QA/QC quality assurance.