Nordic Business Light

Nordic Business Light devises tailor-made LED solutions that meet the demand of large firms for significant savings. We create the bottom-line effect via major energy savings, less maintenance, increased sales and derived effects such as a better working environment and a lower climate impact from the company.

We specialize in large-scale manufacturing and warehouse buildings and in firms with many departments, offices and stores. We implement projects from start to finish with a flexible team of electricians and a business model that enables swift, highly efficient delivery.

Short payback times and a substantial bottom-line effect
Our LED lighting solutions tend to involve an update of existing luminaires, with a payback time of down to 7 months. Depending on current power consumption and the size of the firm, this can create a bottom-line effect of between DKK 10 and 100 million.

Tailored solutions
Our services are tailor-made for the specific customer and can also include applications for energy subsidies, detailed reporting on project status, market development reports, after-sales service etc.
In addition to replacing your current lighting with energy-efficient LED solutions, we provide advice on light quality, document the energy savings and ensure that you get the correct subsidies.

Nordic Business Light has extensive knowledge of every aspect of LED lighting and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and objectives of the largest retail chains and business enterprises in Denmark.

Professionalism and understanding of groups
Nordic Business Light resulted from the merger of one of the pioneers of the LED industry, Eco-Power Denmark with X10 Capital & Consulting.

Eco-Power Denmark has been tackling demanding projects throughout Denmark for more than 7 years. The team behind X10 Capital & Consulting have run large firms, which means they have unique experience of what it takes to create success.



Light represents on average 50% of the electricity consumption in the retail industry. LED is the most energy-efficient lighting on the market. Therefore, you generate cash savings by switching your halogen spots, energy-saving lamps or fluorescent lamps out with LED.

Source: Homepage of Danish Energy Agency

Studies show that both well-being and productivity of a workplace can be improved by choosing a good quality lighting adapted to the conditions. The traditional lighting solutions use a large part of their energy to generate heat and a smaller part to light, whereas LEDs hardly develop heat. The quality of LED helps to improve the indoor climate.

Source: Homepage of Danish Energy Agency