Your bottom line

Ole Mikael Jensen, Chairman

Dear CEO and CFO,Why should you spend time on lighting?

In most companies, lighting involves replacing a light bulb when it stops working. And of course you should not be spending your time on that. But these days, lighting is actually about dramatically improving the company’s bottom line – and that is your highest priority.

Lighting technology is rapidly advancing. Much better light than that offered by the incandescent bulb is now available, together with new flexibility and control options.

Using our Light Impact Study business case tool, we calculate the potential bottom line improvement for the years ahead. We look at things like power savings, reduced maintenance, increased sales per square metre, greater employee satisfaction, better efficiency, green accounting and much more – around 15 areas in total. We compare these to the real investment required. It is not uncommon to see a DKK 10-100 million bottom line impact, depending on the company’s size and current power consumption – and a payback period of 1-4 years.

We can also advise on investment and accounting matters, and offer financing or operational leasing, where possible. Companies based in Denmark need to be aware of the coming changes in the Danish Financial Statements Act, which take effect on 1 January 2019.