Process model


• Direct savings of up to 80% on power consumption
• No maintenance or replacement of light bulbs
• No disruption, because light bulbs do not have to be changed
• Light which presents your company’s products better than any other type of lighting
• Large reduction in CO2 emissions
• Comfortable lighting which improves job satisfaction and efficiency


To help ensure that your company makes the right decisions – and that the expected benefits are actually realised – we have developed an 8-step process model to support your company in its decision making.

  1. First contact (often with top management)

Establishes the relationship between you and Nordic Business Light, and initiates discussion of the bottom-line potential of light. This is also where we agree on what happens next.

     2. Preliminary meeting (often with the technical management responsible for lighting)

We review your thoughts and strategy for lighting in the company. We introduce you to the Light Impact Study, i.e. how light can dramatically improve your bottom line.

  1. Homework (your technical experts and Nordic Business Light)

Nordic Business Light reviews your stores, offices, warehouses etc., doing light analysis and counting fixtures etc. We then jointly prepare our estimate for your Light Impact Study. We also agree on how high to set the goals, and where there should be special focus.

     4. Briefing meeting (with top management)

We invite your company’s top management team to a brief 60-minute workshop. We present Nordic Business Light’s lighting philosophy and Light Impact Study and concrete business case to top management. This is to ensure you achieve the goals, both in the short and long term.

  1. Agreement

We prepare an agreement based on the briefing meeting, to ensure the project runs smoothly and that you are kept up to date on progress – in general and in detail. We ensure that an immediate bottom line effect is achieved, and find the right financing solution if desired. We understand your accounting principles, and ensure that the solution is manageable in practice.

  1. Planning

Our planning department plans deliveries and the detailed time schedule is approved. We plan implementation to ensure minimum disruption to operations. We manage the installation of lights, disposal of old lights and clean-up, etc.

  1. Implementation

We arrange staffing so that we can work quickly and efficiently, and cause the least possible inconvenience to employees and customers. We deliver the agreed equipment and ensure your local users feel ownership of the solution. We also make them aware of the special options for control and flexibility in daily operations. Our implementation plan provides a detailed overview of what is happening where and when. This overview is regularly updated, so you can monitor the process centrally. We provide a central report with an overview of CO2 reductions etc., and a final Light Impact Study, which can be used directly in communication with stakeholders, and in the consolidated financial statements. This means we can actively deliver on the company’s environment strategy.

  1. Light partnership

After installation, we establish an ongoing partnership where we keep you up-to-date on new technological innovations and service the Installation. We also provide the guarantees you expect as a customer, to ensure a lasting bottom line effect without risk.