Light Impact Study

Calculating the bottom line impact

Light Impact Study is a unique process developed by Nordic Business Light. It is based on a systematic review of the company’s objectives and a weighting of the factors within the company that will be affected by a new lighting solution. 
Using this foundation, a monetary value is calculated for the bottom line impact.

The Light Impact Study is prepared in close cooperation between Nordic Business Light and the company, and covers five main areas:

  1. Power savings
  2. Maintenance
  3. Increased sales
  4. Better working environment and indoor climate
  5. Environmental improvements – and CO2 accounts

 1. Power savings

This is a critical factor, as a change from traditional lighting to LED lighting can reduce power consumption by up to 80%.  We review the total annual power consumption, type of existing lighting and estimated price per kWh.

“Lighting accounts for 50% of electricity consumption in the retail industry on average <> LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting on the market. You will therefore save money by replacing your halogen spots, CFLs or fluorescent tubes with LEDs”*

“LED solutions are generally said to be up to three times as efficient as halogen spots” *

* From the Danish Energy Authority website



2. MaintenanceMaintenance

LED lights have extremely long service lives and are very durable. This means there will be major savings on maintenance costs, major time savings and much better reliability.

We examine how much you spend on new light bulbs, spots and fixtures, and the time spent making replacements. We also assess the costs in lost sales and image when your lighting is not ‘up to speed’.

“LEDs spare you the everyday hassle of changing bulbs or fluorescent tubes when they blow. LED bulbs have an average life of 15 years”*

“LEDs last 3-4 times as long as T8 fluorescent tubes on average”*

* From the Danish Energy Authority website


3. Increased sales


LEDs can directly increase your sales, as they make your products and settings appear more natural and inviting. Colour rendering and light intensity have a huge impact on the customer experience and buying interest.

We will analyse your existing experience with light as a sales parameter and assess the effect of changing to new LED lighting on your revenue and gross profit.


“Lighting helps sell products”*

“There have been major advances with LEDs during the last few years”*

“You get lighting which is just as good as – some would say better than – that offered by the power-intensive solutions”*

* From the Danish Energy Authority website



4. Better working environment and indoor climate5124

Lighting has much more impact on employee well-being and energy than many people realise. Good, pleasant working light can quickly translate into greater efficiency, job satisfaction and motivation.

We look at your current rates of sick leave and the cost of a sick day. We discuss current motivation and efficiency, and expectations of the positive changes lighting can create.

“Studies have shown that well-being and productivity in a workplace can be improved by choosing high-quality lighting, adapted to the conditions”

“Traditional lighting solutions expend a majority of their energy generating heat and a smaller proportion generating light. In contrast, LEDs hardly generate any heat. This quality of LEDs is helping improve the indoor climate”*

* From the Danish Energy Authority website



5. Environmental improvements – and CO2 accounts

Your savings in power consumption result in a direct equivalent reduction in your company’s carbon footprint. We perform and document this calculation for you – and estimate what effect a CO2 reduction and improved green profile will have on your company’s bottom line.

“76% of warehouses in Denmark do not use motion sensors to control lighting. Using motion sensors can save up to 60% on your electricity bill, because the lights are only on when you need them”*

* From the Danish Energy Authority website