About us

Expertise and corporate insight

Nordic Business Light was created by combining one of the LED industry pioneers, Eco-Power Danmark, with X10 Capital & Consulting.

Eco-Power Danmark has implemented demanding projects throughout Denmark for over seven years.

The team behind X10 Capital & Consulting have experience running large companies and therefore know what it takes to achieve success for the entire company – in relation to process management, follow-up and reporting.

Insight and clarity

Nordic Business Light has deep insight into all aspects of LED lighting and the challenges and goals of Denmark’s largest retail chains and business organisations. We develop lighting jointly with our producers that is proven to be among the best on the market.  We advise on lighting, perform energy calculations, ensure subsidies are collected, install the products and deliver a fully implemented and complete light solution for retail chains and large business organisations.

  • We view lighting as essential to your business development – not as stand-alone products
  • We provide total lighting solutions from start to finish
  • We implement quickly and efficiently, so you can remain focused on your business
  • We implement in all parts of the company, regardless of the size and number of branches/stores/offices/warehouses/production facilities

Nordic design and perception of light

As a Nordic company, we have light and design in our DNA. We have respect for light and know how to work with it to achieve quality of life and motivation. The more natural light is, the more easily life flourishes in its glow. This knowledge is part of our heritage. And we use it actively when we create solutions for companies using the LED lighting of the future.


Ole Mikael Jensen, Chairman

Ole is a co-founder of X10 Capital & Consulting, which advises and invests in companies looking for fast radical growth. Ole has a background in retail and wholesale sales in over 20 countries, and was most recently part of the global executive management team at Wolseley plc.  


Mikael Nyman Larsen, Technical Director

Longtime CEO and Technical Director at Eco-Power, who began his career as an electrician. Expert in lighting calculations and planning and design. Founder and co-owner of Nordic Business Light A/S